About Us

Our Company

With more than 20 years in the market, Soularch Aged Care Supplies are confident to say that we understand and care for our clients.

Our secret: Top-of-the line products and excellence on service.

We offer unique Zenith 9100 APS Hi/Lo beds, internationally certified beds and mattresses, and Australian made bedroom furniture. 

Our dedicated team will look after you.

Soularch Mission

To increase the quality of life for nursing home residents, patients and carers through the commitment in providing high standard aged care products whilst offering outstanding customer service.

Our Sales Team

The Soularch team - employer, employees, partners and suppliers - are based on trustworthy, credibility,  reliability and expertise. 

John Markarian - MD
Founder and Managing Director, John Markarian has been in the nursing home industry since 2000. John believes in hands-on customer service looking after existing and new clients.

Joel Ford - Manager NSW / VIC
Has been with the company since 2016, Joel has the customers interest at heart all the time, and will go far and beyond to assist in any way he can. Joel prides himself with absolute dedication.

Harisen Markarian - Manager QLD
Harisen puts his customers first and represents integrity and honesty, he will always manage to resolve and satisfy his customers. Harisen is reliable and dedicated to his customers.